Friday, February 8, 2013

WarTune Cheats Bot

Tired of running out of stamina while playing wartune? Never have enough gold to enchant all your items or contribute to your guild? Those are some of the problems I ran into while trying to enjoy the game wartune. I've found this nice bot I've been using for awhile now (started using it 2/27/2013).


(To Protect from every single user in the game from using this we have added a short survey so we can keep updating the program. The survey is very short! Usually you just send a txt msg to confirm. Takes 1 - 2 mins.)

Undetected as of 2/8/2013


      1. Generate as much free wartune gold as you want. (I only do like 500k a day).
      2. Increase your stamina all the way back up to 200.
      3. Add % to your enchament scrolls. Ex. turn a 10% scroll into a 100% scroll.
      4. Balens! Yes theirs a glitch where you can get 100 FREE balens a day.


  1. Very sorry for your troubles but the download is working for others. Over 97 people have downloaded it since i put the survey on. Try another one and follow it through, it will unlock.

  2. y got survey zzzzz i hate survey

  3. ca nu send it to my email with password to